StellenVest Group of Companies

Stellenvest Group of Companies was established in 2017 as a one-stop Multidisciplinary Property Development and Construction Solution.

With our passion for South Africa and our firm belief that we can make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans, we have expanded into an innovative family of diverse subsidiaries.

Our business has a vested interest in the following sectors:




Who We Are:

We are a diverse group of Companies committed to the growth and upliftment of ordinary South Africans. StellenVest consists of a diverse family of companies specialising in providing holistic solutions and services for sustainable growth.

    Property Development Sector:
    • StellenHome (Pty) Ltd
    • StellenCom (Pty) Ltd
    • StellenHealth (Pty) Ltd
    • StellenProp (Pty) Ltd

    Education Sector:
    • StellenEdu

    Sport Sector:
    • StellenSport (Pty) Ltd
    • StellenSport MasterClass (Pty) Ltd

Our Mission & Vision:

Our Mission is to achieve the reputation of a quality, high standard & reliable solution Company in the property, education and sport sectors.

Our Vision is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by delivering viable, affordable, quality products and services. We further strive to become an entity in the property development, education and sport sectors, capable of demanding unconditional response from the targeted niche.

We also believe that for our scope of improvisation – sky is the limit and we are always ready to take our achievements to the next level. We are growing and strive to continue by expansion of vision, territory and trust.

Our Values & Philosophy:

Our Values is to uphold a high standard at all times & to be a reliable solution specialist to our clients.

Our Philosophy is building long-term business partnerships with our clients where interpersonal relationships, reliability, assured quality and target oriented modern technology forms the major building blocks.

Our Team:

StellenVest Group of Companies:

Areas of Expertise:

Professional pro-active highly focused operation, communication and management

Rapid and accurate establishment of Opportunity Viability

Strategic Opportunity selection and Procurement suitable within the current market;

Funding structure and procurement


Identification of the most suitable Project for the Opportunity within the current market

Project Marketing planning and structuring


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Cape Town,
South Africa


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